Art call: How to photograph invisible people?


“¿Cómo fotografiar personas invisibles?” is a collective exhibition open for artists over 18 years old, professional or amateur, of any nationality. The photographic work must be registered under any Creative Commons licence.  (See point 1.1 of the bases, below). Free of charge.

Mi dulce paraíso, Fabricio Brambatti (Brasil) Special guess

The topic will be ‘invisibility’. With last year’s exhibition, “Power to the Barrio!”, being centered on the neighbourhood as an indivisible unit within the city, we decided we had to reduce the scale up to the point of the individual itself. We understand each individual as a bearer of particular experiences and living conditions, oft invisibilized if certain socio-cultural and economical standards are not met.

Since its origins, photography has enabled people to see the invisible, to perceive that which eludes the eye. During the 30s, photographers like Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans exposed to us the suffering of farmers during the Great Depression; in the 80s, Félix González-Torres’ presented his subtle but emotional work on the ostracism of those affected by AIDS; and even today Andrés Serrano is still showing us the dignity of the homeless people who inhabit the big cities. And that’s just a couple of examples, all from the USA.

We added the ‘how’ on the title because we are not just looking for representations of invisible - or rather, invisibilized- individuals - we want to explore ways to make them visible again, with photography as a tool. This means the pictures will be expected to have a high aesthetic and conceptual value. The curatorial team encourages the participants to look at the work of André Penteado (Brasil) or Daniela Ortiz (Peru), two artists that have found some interesting answers to this question.

All techniques and formats are welcome (portraits, landscapes, still life, stock photography, etc), as well as alternative ways to present them - projections, polyptychs, installations, posters… they will all be evaluated and considered within the festival’s possibilities.

Selected artists will be part of the collective catalogue to be published during the festival.

97 empleadas domésticas, Daniela Ortiz (Perú). Special guess


Carlos Pérez Siquier (Almería, 1930), Premio Nacional de Fotografía 2003.

Marina del Mar

Representante del Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía.

1 - Artists and their Works

1.1 - Submitted work must be registered under any Creative Common licence (for more information, visit

1.2 - Participation is open for any person of legal age, of any nationality, professional or amateur, that submits her own work (all techniques and styles accepted).

1.3 - Submitted works must adequate to the exhibition’s topic - How to photograph invisible people?

1.4.Those interested in submitting their work can do so through two modalities: a) a series of up to 6 pictures, or b) individual pictures.
a) A coherent series of up to 6 photographs, with or without title. Each artist can send 2 different series to be considered by the curatorial team, but only one series per artist will be chosen for the exhibition. b) Individual photographs, with or without title. A maximum of 12 can be submitted per artist, among which up to 6 photographs per artis can be selected.

1.4.1 Participants are welcome to bring in new ideas on how to exhibit their works, to the extent of the organization’s capacity (projections, polyptychs, installations, posters…)

1.5 – Regardless of title, each work will be identified by the artist’s name, date its Creative Commons licensing (CC, CC BY, etc).

1.6 – Submitted work should have a low resolution for the selection process: JPG format, 70 dpi, up to 1Mb. Selected works will then be re-submitted as TIFF, with at least a resolution of 200 dpi and a size than can guarantee its optimal printing.

1.7 – Participants should suggest in the e-mail the desired printing sizes for their work, the final decision depending on the festival’s possibilities and the curatorial team. A short description of the work and a personal or artistic CV in DOC or PDF should also be included. Please write to:

1.8 – Deadline for submission ends on March, 12th, 2017 at 00:00h

2 - Conditions for submission

2.1 – Required documentation and information
•; Personal details: name and surname, ID number, address;
• CV.
• The artist’s work and a brief description, as precises the previous section;
• Submission form (Download here)
• Send to:
Jury’s decision and the exhibition
• A jury comprised of experts will select the finalist works that will be part of the exhibition, based on originality and artistic value.
• The decissión will be announced via the festival’s website and its social network the 19th, March. Selected works will be exhibited at the Museum of Almeria.
• The festival will be responsible for printing and framing the selected photographs.
•Opening date is scheduled for the 30th, March of 2017 and will be exhibited for a month


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